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Teaching Methodology

With specializations in software, architecture, medicine, management, law and a host of other streams - SRI is developing the care takers of the future. We understand that these leaders of tomorrow require not just book lessons but also the pedagogy of experience to fully realize their potentials and ultimately give a facelift to the country and the world.

SRI offers an environment where development of ‘problem solving skills’, ‘communication skills’ and ‘negotiation skills’ becomes a part of your daily routine through case studies, activities, presentations, management games, seminars, conferences, talk shows, simulated interviews etc.


Every second project assigned to students has to be presented within their respective groups. This gives them good practice for the real corporate world.


Regular conferences are organized on the subjects relevant in the current scenario. The National Conference conducted by the SRIP (Pharmacy Dept.) of SRI on the topic "Recent Advantage in Standardization of Herbal Durgs" was a great success, and it was highly appreciated by the SRITAN's.


Through simulated interviews, students can do their own qualitative analysis and get a better insight of their strengths and weaknesses. In a simulated interview, a virtual corporate environment is created and professionals from the industry are invited to judge the performance of the students. The entire process is audio-visually recorded so that students can later view their performance and improve upon their shortcomings.

Group Discussions

Group discussions are part and parcel of selection process in majority of companies. It gives recruiters an opportunity to view the behavioral and attitudinal response of the candidate in a demanding situation. At SRI discussions are regular part of management students’ day. It is an academic activity for assessment. We also rope in corporate experts to help students mould their GD skills to a level suitable for corporate discussions and business meets. 

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