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Our vision is to nurture an alumni community where each and every member feels connected with the Alma Mater and with each member of the SRI family.

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Our objectives are to ensure that our alumni feel a sense of belonging to the Alma Mater, establishing and sustaining a link between the alumni and the current students.


If you're organizing a reunion, we're happy to help you contact people, organize activities on campus and recommend places to stay. We offer campus tours so you can see the exciting developments on campus.

Career Services

If you're looking for a career change or returning to studies, our Career Services has a large range of information, including vacancy bulletins, newspapers and journals. Our Career Services actively assists students of all majors with career-related issues, educating them about the career planning process, internships, job search strategies and the graduate/professional school application process as they transit from college on their path to their future career.

Career Advisory Network (CAN)/Alumni profiles

Provide us your career profile and we can use your achievements to inspire future students.

Lifetime Students Union membership.

Job Alerts through email.

Lost touch with your SRI friends? If you are member of this association then we can help you to find your friends.

SRI Career Services.

Career counseling and other services through the SHRI RAWATPURA SARKAR INSTITUTIONS Career Services.

Hire a SRI student.

Help in achieving your true calling.

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